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Wortrade is a free B2B trade platform, which does not charge the manufacturers like other B2B websites. The Chinese manufacturers do not need to be pay for issuing product on the website. Therefore many of the small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturers have no cost in issuing products on the Wortrade. Just because they do not have to pay extra cost, their prices are very competitive.

 Wortrade are responsible for ensuring that goods purchased by buyers meet the requirements of quality, thus we have specialized personnel to monitor product quality. At the same time, we also go through all the procedures, such as shipping, customs declarations, and so on, so the buyers do not have to worry about that. One thing deserve to be mentioned is that both ocean freight and air freight offered by Wortrade are the lowest in China, saving a lot of money for the buyers.


 Ive found some products I want on other sites, can Wortrade offer me a lower price?

Yes, you only need to send us the links of product youve found in other sites such as Alibaba, we'll send you the price soon. It is certain that we can offer you the same product, with a lower price than the one youve found in Alibaba.

Can the manufacturers produce the products according to my design and requirements?

 Of course, there are small and medium-sized manufacturers from all walks of life in Wortrade, they can produce any products. You only need to provide us the samples or pictures of the product and the specification. Please note that they are all small and medium-sized manufacturers and the price they offer would be very reasonable and competitive, because profits they earn are not large, however the product quality will meet your requirements and your satisfaction.