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Have you been troubled by the high freight rates of the goods your purchased in China? Wortrade can offer you the cheapest freight in China, reducing your costs. At present, Wortrade provides overseas buyers with the lowest prices in China of air transportation, express delivery, and waterway transportation.



Why is the price of Wortrade express so low?

It is because Wortrade is the general agent of express companies like DHL, FEDEX in China ,and it pays for the costs of charters, thus it can provide up to 30 per cent discount on the official price for the customer.


How do I deliver the goods to Wortrade?

First you have to tell Wortrade the weight of your goods and which Chinese city your goods are in , then we will soon quote you our delivery price. If you accept the quotation given by Wortrade, we can directly draw the goods from your suppliers or manufacturers,because our offices are throughout every city in China. If you do not know the weight of your goods, just give us the phone number of your suppliers or your manufacturers, and we will contact them directly, and then we’ll tell you the weight of the goods and the express service cost. What are you waiting for? Click Inquiry to tell us the weight of your goods, and soon we will provide you with our price. We assure you that our price is definitely the lowest in China.


I have several suppliers and manufacturers and they are in different places of China, can Wortrade concentrate my goods , and then deliver them to me?

  Of course we can. Wortrade has offices in every city of China, we provide door to door service, that means we can receive your goods from your suppliers or manufacturers or you can ask them to send your goods to the wortrade office in their city, we will concentrate all your goods and send them to you together, in this way the price will be much lower than asking your suppliers or manufacturers to send your goods to you respectively.


My goods are not many, can you provide me with express delivery service as well?


Of course, as long as your goods are more than 3 kg, wortrade will provide express service for you. We provide door to door service, that means we will receive your goods at your designated places. Our price is absolutely lower than the one your supplier or factory quote you.


How do I pay for wortrade delivery , can I use my local currency?



Wortrade provides customers with a variety of payment terms, such as online payment (credit card or debit card payments), bank transfer or Western Union and Moneygram. Most of our customers can use their own local currency, for details please check payment terms


Ocean Shipping:


I have different suppliers, and some suppliers are unable to provide customs declaration formalities for their goods, can it be handled by Wortrade?


Of course, Wortrade can concentrate all the goods together, handle all the necessary customs declaration formalities and the loading,  put your goods on the same vessel, and then send them to you, thus it will greatly reduce your freight costs.



My goods are not enough to fill one container, can you help me to send them?


Of course, we can draw your goods from your factory , and send you the goods by LCL service, which means less than the full container load. At the same time we will deal with all the formalities of customs declaration.



Either(Full Container Load)or (Less Container Load) , we can send you the good by sea transportation and handle all the declaration formalities, providing you the start-to-finish service.


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